How To Hire A Maid

When Employing a Maid In order to Do The Dirty Work of yours Is actually Well worth the Cost
I am a 27-year-old guy that resides in a 700-square-foot apartment.
Vacuuming entire spot carries me fifteen minutes.

Cleaning up the bathroom (including the dreaded toilet) takes twenty minutes.

Scrubbing the room is an additional twenty. In case I dust, that is unusual, tack on fifteen minutes more.

Eat up time invested improving the table, changing the sheets, washing the interior of the microwave, scrubbing the bathtub, and washing the stove, & I am spending 2 hours every week to cleanse the little apartment of mine.

What are 2 hours worthy of to me?

Really well, the employer of mine (thankfully) thinks I am seriously worth more than twenty dolars per hour. And also to me, the spare time of mine is much a lot more valuable. I do not wish to waste it cleaning. So I just recently chosen to work with a maid.

Here is what took place, and also what I learned…

Getting a maid
You will find 3 methods to go here:

Maid company – locally owned or maybe part of any chain, you will get a maid dispatched from headquarters.
Maid referral service – these national businesses have relationships with neighborhood independent contractors.
Solo maids – people that are working on their own and sometimes have work through word of sites or mouth as Craigslist.
Services and maid businesses are many, with robust names as Maid Brigade, Merry Maids, along with Molly Maid. Nearly all are an Internet search at bay. Most maid companies and referral services are bonded and insured – they about this on the sites of theirs. Additionally they tout the screening procedure of theirs for maids. (Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the way a business that is little hires its maids.)

But individual maids will likely come less expensive, because there is absolutely no home office overhead.

That is the path I went…

Paying out a maid My good friend knew a maid which had the 2 qualities most crucial to me: She was trustworthy and local (because maids is by yourself in your personal and valuable possessions).

I paid sixty dolars for the original call and forty dolars per follow up visit.

Because my place required an excellent, deep clean, the original sixty dolars did not worry me.

And forty dolars after that looked like a great option – depending on how long it requires to cleanse the apartment myself and the importance of the time of mine, I was breaking even keeping the maid complete washing for me.

Element in the hatred of mine of cleansing, and also forty dolars was a true deal.

Whether you employ a neighborhood solo maid or perhaps from the referral from a national program, be sure you perform the following before plugging the deal…

Have an estimation. Many maids and also maid services are going to insist on a trip before giving a firm price tag. Though you are able to at the very least have ranges via e mail or maybe telephone, and this allows you narrow the options of yours.
Ask questions. It is not insulting to find out about your maid’s background. While companies are going to provide background checks, your area solo maid possibly will not. That is the reason a great evaluation from close friends or maybe loved ones is very critical. Quite possibly without a background check, you are able to chat about precisely how long they have been in the company and within the region.
Wonder about a referral discount. Some maids and also maid services provide a price reduction for a referral, sometimes for you, the individual that hooked you set up, or perhaps both. In the situation of mine, which did not occur. Still, cannot hurt to question.
Was it well worth it?
In a word, of course. She cleaned better than I did, and I learned to spread out my maid visits. I finally scheduled follow ups virtually every other month, since I discovered I can do little maintenance on my own that could have the apartment of mine from descending into disgustingness however, not eat a lot of the valuable free time of mine.

In reality, I would remain making use of a maid in case I had not moved from my very own little apartment to a larger one which has a roommate that does not worry about cleaning almost as I do – and so he will not split the price with me. Because I am a frugal guy, I won’t subsidize the washing of the half of his of the apartment – as well as not amazingly, maids do not provide deals for half an apartment.

I and now look back fondly on time I was cleaning up without being cleansed.


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